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A truly global firm, The Office Experts provides services to clients all over the world, and hires consultants from all over the world.

Not only do we provide automation, we'll fix, update, or convert your current automated applications.


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Contact Information


Please post at our free forum for assistance with applications. For extra help, email a request for a free quote.

Emergency Support


(605) 483-3423


(605) 483-1301

Snail Mail:

13386 Judy Ave. NW 
Uniontown, Ohio 44685

Services for Hire

The Office Experts provides support, consulting services, and automation (VBA) services.

Consulting Services and Project Support

The Office Experts provides support of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for all Microsoft Office applications. Whether you need a simple automation tool or a complete application, we support it all.

Over-the-Phone or Email Software Support

If you are interested in ongoing over-the-phone or email software support, troubleshooting, and answers to how-to questions on the Microsoft Office Suite of products, click here for more information. Please let us know if you are an individual, or if you are a company needing support for multiple employees. (Sorry, these services do not apply to over-the-phone support of Visual Basic for Applications.)

For individuals who just have a quick question, we'll take your call through

Your Privacy

The Office Experts never shares your personal information with anyone, never sells your personal information to anyone, and never will! This includes your email address, company information, personal information, files, everything.

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