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Free Downloads

The downloads on this page are absolutely free. Try them out to see the kind of things you can do with VBA or just learn how to do something new yourself.

The Office Experts cannot be held responsible for the technical support of these products, nor for any problems that may occur on your PC or network as a result of their use.

Although our products have been tested and are virus-free, you should scan these and any other files you download from the internet to protect your PC.

Access Downloads

Excel Downloads

PowerPoint Downloads

Word Downloads

Access Downloads


An address book suitable for everyone. Email anyone with a double-click. Store addresses for friends, relatives; keep track of your creditors and debtors. Contains a Rolodex! The database was developed in Access 2000. Higher version require that you convert the file to the newer version.

Download MyAddiesBook Now


For the individual or small business that wants or needs a quick way to find their digital photos, scanned images, and other graphics. This database is NOT designed to store pictures, but allows you to link to them, view them, and search through keywords and topics so that you find your pictures easily.

Download MyPictureBook Now

Excel Downloads


This is a Word document that contains the entire Excel function reference from the Excel help files in a hyperlinked format, as well as a button to print to 8.5 x 11 or to A4 paper. You should enable macros to use this file properly.

Download XLFunc Now


The "dreaded" VLOOKUP formula in plain terms. Includes troubleshooting for errors and unexpected returned values. This one gets downloaded over 100 times a month!

Download MyVlookup Now


For the individual or small business that does not want to track all of their finances through accounting packages and check-writing systems, but simply wants to create an invoice, keep track of their customers, products, sales and sales taxes. Complete instructions included in a Word document. This is popular; about 75 people download it each month.

Download MyInvoicing Now


With the compliments of our friend, Dale Watson, this Excel file is fun to use and reveals some of Excel's finest features! We're grateful for Dale's contribution!

Download CuteQuiz Now


This file contains formulas and other methods of cleaning up and organizing text or other cell contents.

Download MyTextTools Now


This file, contributed by Audiojoe of MrExcel shows some easy-to-learn stuff about creating userforms in Excel. We're grateful for his contribution! Obviously lots of other are too. This file gets downloaded well over 100 times per month.

Download UserformTraining Now


This Excel add-in uses the Thesaurus feature from Word to provide a thesaurus interface right in Excel. For those extreme Excel users! Download the zip file, and extract the Excel add-in to a safe place on your hard drive. Search for other *.xla files to find where they're stored. Then, extract this add-in to the same folder. Open Excel. Hit Tools-Add-ins and choose this add-in. It becomes an additional menu item whenever you launch Excel.

Download ExcelThesaurus Now

PowerPoint Downloads

Great Templates

We decided not to reinvent the wheel. Some really terrific PowerPoint templates can be downloaded free from Sonia Coleman, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP:

Digital Studios by Sonia Coleman

PowerPoint Scheduler

Do you want to schedule a PowerPoint presentation to start at a particular time?  Cycle repeatedly for a certain time and then quit automatically? Believe it or not, this was developed by a Microsoft Excel MVP!

Tushar Mehta's Scheduler

awesome - powerpoint Backgrounds

These FREE sample PowerPoint templates are a small representation of the downloadable backgrounds from TAJ Simmon's (Microsoft PowerPoint MVP) awesome powerpoint backgrounds website.

(1) Download them
(2) Unzip them
(3) Open them in PowerPoint
(4) Full instructions in readme.txt

awesome - powerpoint backgrounds

Word Downloads

Sample Fill-In Form

This sample is created using the instructions at Fill-In Forms. Download the sample to get an idea of what a finished fill-in form looks like. It also shows how bookmarks work.

Download SampleFillInForm Now


Spell-checking a protected form requires VBA code. You can allow your users the feature of spell-checking their input by using MyFormSpeller. Remember, all of the text you used to create the form should be spell-checked BEFORE you protect the form so that your users aren't spell-checking YOUR work! Go to Fill-In Forms to find out how to successfully create electronic forms.

MyFormSpeller is a *light* version of this procedure and is sufficient for most forms.

Download MyFormSpeller Now


Stationery with a feminine touch. Includes three designs with matching envelopes. Swap out the graphics and replace with your own.

Download MyStationery Now

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