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Templates and Themes
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Steps to Your Own Web

FrontPage is highly under-rated and under-used. Too many people are creating web pages in programs like Word, when FrontPage does a far better job with much cleaner HTML code underlying it.

FrontPage can be used instead of Acrobat as well. One of the purposes of using Acrobat is so that your audience does not have to own the software in which your application is written. Well, everyone has browser software, and it's free. So next time, create that manual in FrontPage!

Contrary to popular belief, you web does NOT need to support FrontPage server extensions to use FrontPage as your HTML editor! Simply don't use the FrontPage components, like forms and certain navigation buttons, and use some other FTP program to publish your work. We recommend and use CuteFTP.


Lynne Robson, owner of The Theme Weaver and contributing designer from ClassyThemes, provides us with a FrontPage tutorial. The tutorial is suitable for everyone!

Templates and Themes

Why do all that work yourself? Go to ClassyThemes and pick out a template. They're all inexpensive when compared to the time you'd spend to build them yourself; there's even free ones! Make sure you have time to browse. Keep an open mind too, because it's very easy to swap out a graphic or a color to customize a template for your web. This web was created with a ClassyThemes FrontPage theme!

Free Help

Register as a member of our forum and ask all the questions you want, for free. While you're there, see if you can help someone else out! Click here.

Steps to Your Own Web

Did you know that you can own your own web really cheap? Here's the steps we recommend:

1. Search for a domain name.

Our domain name here is Yours should be something you like. We use to buy our domain names. It's the cheapest we've found if you're not buying in bulk--only $9.95 a year. Go there, find a domain name you like and make sure it's available, but don't buy it yet if you plan to buy hosting right away.

2. Get hosting.

For a personal web, or a small business that just needs an internet presence, $20 a month could buy you 3 email addresses, FrontPage server extensions, FTP access, and 5MB of space.

3. Buy your domain name.

Why couldn't you do this before? Well, you can always reserve/buy your domain name ahead of time. But if you know you want a web right away, do this second because you need to provide the addresses that your hosting provider gives you when you buy the domain so that they can point your domain name to the computer you bought hosting on. You'll get a primary and a secondary, and you'll need to enter both when you register your domain.

4. Create and Publish your web.

You may have created your web prior to beginning these steps. Once your domain name has been pointed to the appropriate location (usually 48 hours or less), you can get a program like CuteFTP and use it to upload your web. Or, if your host has FrontPage server extensions, you can publish right from FrontPage.

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