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A truly global firm, The Office Experts provides services to clients all over the world, and hires consultants from all over the world.

Not only do we provide automation, we'll fix, update, or convert your current automated applications.


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We provide many services, from creating the simplest form in Word to a full-blown Access database. Here are just some of them. If the service you require is not listed, just give us a call at (605) 483-3423 or email to inquire.


Word Forms and Templates

We create virtually anything and everything in Microsoft Word. If you can fax it or email it, we can duplicate it electronically.


Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards and other stationary products

Reports and Manuals, and any other type of documents that you need to create multiple times with variable information

Forms for applications, submissions, or record keeping; whether to be completed by hand, within Word, or both

Order forms, proposal forms, invoice forms, you name it

Repair or upgrade your existing templates


Documents formatted for you when you cannot justify spending your own time

Resumes; need help dressing it up? We can help with content too! Other submission forms that need to look professional

Convert from other word processing applications

Excel Solutions


Order forms, proposal forms, invoice forms―anything that requires calculating

Estimating applications―calculate your job estimate quicker than you ever thought possible. You provide the variables, we provide the automation

Repair or upgrade your existing templates

Recreate from other spreadsheet applications


Formulas, functions, and turning your workbook into an application

Recommendations for layout

Web data capturing

Access Solutions

Custom database applications that can streamline your tasks, your department, or your entire company's bookkeeping

Repair or upgrade your existing database


We can make any of the above templates or documents so easy to use!

With Visual Basic for Applications, things you always wish you could do, CAN be done!


We'll be happy to review any document, spreadsheet, presentation or database to see if they need improvement that can save you time and money

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