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A truly global firm, The Office Experts provides services to clients all over the world, and hires consultants from all over the world.

Not only do we provide automation, we'll fix, update, or convert your current automated applications.


The Office Experts represents a combined effort of many Microsoft Office consultants. Our goal is to provide Microsoft Office users with the information and tools needed to automate their regular tasks as much as possible.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who's not ready, willing, or able to hire additional staff, or an administrative assistant in a huge corporation, our hope is to make your job faster and easier . . . to make YOU look GOOD!!

The fact that you're here makes a definite statement: You're not ready to settle for the status quo. There are many who live by the rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." We believe if you're spending a half-hour doing something that could take five minutes, its BROKE!

What is Automation?

One dictionary describes it as the "controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by electronic devices that take the place of human observation and effort."

For our purposes, we define it as "learning how to be as efficient as possible by using this expensive software the way it's intended to be used, and having it do everything except wash the dishes." You'll note that you can replace the word "efficient" with the word "lazy." That's right . . . using automation in their everyday tasks gives lazy people a true sense of euphoria!

Bosses and business owners: Stop doing the administrative tasks! Next time you add a prospective client to your database, just push a button to automatically send them your electronic brochure. Ask us how to accomplish this and many other tasks with the click of a button!

Major Savings

Virtually everyone knows their *hourly pay,* even if they're not paid that way. Next time you perform that grueling task that seems to take forever, watch the clock. Calculate what this costs your company over the period of a year. Then call The Office Experts and get a quote to automate that task. You'll find the services pay for themselves in no time!

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